How to throw a birthday bash on a budget

Birthdays are joyful milestones to celebrate, but they can also be a major source of overspending and financial worry. Splashing the cash doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s more fun to be had. In fact, there are lots of ways you can throw a great party without breaking the bank. Once you get out of the […]

5 biggest myths about Doorstep Loans

With so many types of loan available, it can be hard to differentiate between them. Assumptions and word of mouth can generate a lot of misinformation, and with consumers not really knowing the facts, they can end up making ill-informed decisions on their financial borrowings. Knowing the facts are important and will help you decide […]

Keep down the cost of your holiday

When it comes to holidays, we can all get a little carried away! We love treating ourselves; but where do we draw the line? The drinks may be free flowing, but unless you’re one of the fortunate few, your cash probably isn’t. So, to keep your costs under control, we’ve shared some of our top […]

And the winner is …..

It’s awards season, and we’re delighted to have scooped our first win at the Worldwide Finance Awards for ‘Best Regional Independent Home Credit Company (Northern Ireland).’ The awards, in association with Acquisition International, celebrate businesses who work tirelessly to make the finance industry the powerhouse of industry it is. It’s thanks to our great team […]

10 lessons to save money on food

According to reports, the average household spends a staggering £5000 on their groceries each year and throws away a shocking £60 per month of this food! If you’re looking to ease the squeeze and lower the cost of your supermarket shop, we’ve thrown a few top tips together to help you spend less on food […]

Loans, interest rates and APR

In simple terms, the cost of borrowing money is known as interest. Therefore, when you take out a loan, the money you pay back in addition to the initial amount you lent, is the interest. Interest rates are generally expressed as a percentage of the initial loan and can differ depending on the lender, the […]

Challenges to help grow your piggy bank

Need to supercharge your savings? Filling your savings account doesn’t have to be for something to buy, you can also fill your emergency fund, or reach a certain savings goal. Whatever it is you want to save for, a money saving challenge can help get you there! Sometimes the sheer act of doing a challenge […]

What is an affordability assessment?

Affordability Assessment Guide

If you’ve ever heard the term ‘affordability assessment’, you may have been left wondering what it means and exactly what is involved. All UK lenders are facing increasing pressure to demonstrate that they are lending responsibly, and central to responsible lending is an assessment of customer affordability. Put simply, an affordability assessment is the process […]

Cutting your energy costs

Cutting the cost of your energy bills

UK households are facing a hike in energy bills like never before, so there’s never been a better time to review your costs and cut down on the amount of gas, home heating oil, and electricity you use. It’s been noted that cheap energy deals have virtually disappeared over the last few months so it’s […]