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About the Firth Finance pre-paid debit MasterCard

Have you ever taken a cash loan or high street vouchers and realised that what you were going to buy is cheaper online? How about missing out on those pop-up online sales or the item that you can only find on Amazon or eBay, not to mention the vast quantity of utility suppliers that offer a discount if you pay by card.

The Firth Finance Pre-Paid MasterCard opens up all of these possibilities, allowing you full flexibility when you want to purchase something or pay a bill, with the added security and peace of mind that MasterCard brings you.

And if you simply need the cash – The Firth Finance Pre-Paid MasterCard can also be used at any ATM free of charge.

We’ve partnered with B4B Payments who are our payment card provider to provide this fantastic opportunity to both new and existing customers. Your Firth Finance Pre-Paid MasterCard is issued to you by them on our behalf.

How do I apply for a pre-paid debit MasterCard loan?

If you decide that the Firth Finance Pre-Paid MasterCard is the right option for you, we make it easy to apply online, by phone, or email, with a straightforward application process and a decision available in as little as 24 hours.

We consider all applications, even if you have a history of bad credit. Once we receive your details, we will run both a credit check and an affordability check. A member of our friendly team will then be in touch to discuss next steps and to finalise your loan.

We offer a range of repayment options and terms, making it simple for you. You can choose to repay your loan using our dedicated telephone payment line, by a recurring payment from your bank account, or a direct money transfer. We also offer a convenient home collection service at your doorstep if required.

As a responsible lender with family values and morals, we aim to educate our customers on strategies to avoid unnecessary borrowing and debt. You will even receive a rebate if your loan is paid back early!

How do I get my card and where can I use it?

We will load your card with your loan amount and can personally deliver it to your door. Upon receipt of the card, you must activate it using the details and the link provided

You will be given a username and a password which can be used at any time to see the remaining balance on the card, giving you full control of your finances. Once activated you can use the card straight away.

The Firth Finance pre-paid debit card can be used wherever MasterCard is accepted, meaning that you can use it online, over the phone, or in any shop.

How much does a Firth Finance pre-paid debit MasterCard cost?

Our interest rate is fixed and your paperwork will clearly show you how much your loan will cost.

All Firth Finance loans have no hidden fees or late payment charges, so you’ll know exactly what you’re paying back.

Pre-paid travel money card

Firth Finance Euro and US Dollar pre-paid debit cards are also available on request, easing the burden and adding to your security when travelling or carrying cash abroad.