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10 lessons to save money on food

According to reports, the average household spends a staggering £5000 on their groceries each year and throws away a shocking £60 per month of this food!

If you’re looking to ease the squeeze and lower the cost of your supermarket shop, we’ve thrown a few top tips together to help you spend less on food and budget your way out of the current cost of living crisis.

Lesson 1:  Make a grocery list and stick to it to avoid overspending.

Lesson 2:  Plan your meals. Planning in advance will help you budget what you need.

Lesson 3:  Mix it up and shop around. Items can usually be found at varying prices in different shops. Remember saving just £10 per week adds up to over £500 per year!

Lesson 4:  Stock check the cupboards. Keep an eye on what you already have so you don’t unnecessarily double up.

Lesson 5:  Don’t top up. If you run out of something mid-week try to stay clear of those corner shops – convenience comes at a premium!

Lesson 6:  Freeze what you can to avoid wastage. For example, bread. If you won’t eat a whole loaf, freeze half.

Lesson 7:  Ditch the brands. You’d be surprised how those cheaper, non-branded items, taste exactly the same as their branded equivalents.

Lesson 8:  Love your leftovers. Don’t bin good food, refrigerate, and eat for lunch the next day.

Lesson 9:  Special offers. An offer is only good if you actually need it. If the item is not on your pre-prepared list, then walk away from the bargain bucket.

Lesson 10:  Last but not least, never shop while hungry! You’ll want to buy everything. Eat up first, and THEN go shopping.

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