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Keep down the cost of your holiday

When it comes to holidays, we can all get a little carried away! We love treating ourselves; but where do we draw the line?

The drinks may be free flowing, but unless you’re one of the fortunate few, your cash probably isn’t.
So, to keep your costs under control, we’ve shared some of our top tips to help save on your overall holiday spend. 

The early bird catches the worm

Wherever you go, by booking early you can generate huge savings from offers such as free child places on package holidays, and early-bird rates at a wide range of hotels worldwide. Flights will also be cheaper when you book early.

Some tour operators will let you pay off your holiday in instalments, saving you money if you were planning to pay using credit.

Choose your destination wisely

Be flexible when choosing a destination. You’d be surprised how you can find your ‘dream’ hotel within budget if you stay on the outskirts of some of the more popular resorts.

Some destinations are renowned for being more expensive than others once you arrive in resort. Do your research. There are many family-friendly holiday destinations that are also very affordable if you’re travelling on a tight budget.

Keep tabs on your mobile phone usage

If you’re travelling abroad, it’s important to check with your mobile company about the cost of making calls and using data whilst out of the country. As the UK has now left the EU, there may be hefty costs incurred.

If you’re worried about raking up a huge bill, turn off your mobile data and use Wi-Fi where available instead. You can even make calls and video calls via WhatsApp over Wi-Fi!

Opt for a staycation

Are you a camper or glamper? A foodie or a sightseer? We have an abundance of beautiful places to visit right on our doorstep. So, with so much to see and do, why waste money going abroad?

A staycation is usually always cheaper, less stressful, more eco-friendly, and you can even bring your furry friends with you!

Be prepared to cook

If you have the facilities, then cooking for yourself will always save you money instead of eating out. To make things interesting, get creative with your supermarket shop and try your hand at creating some of the local delicacies.

You can also prepare a packed lunch or picnic if you plan to be out at the beach or on an excursion.

Avoid ATM and bank fees abroad

If you’re a fan of plastic and prefer to use your card rather than cash to pay for things when abroad, check your bank charges to do so. Most high street banks will have additional transaction and/or exchange fees.

There are several other credit cards and prepaid cards you can apply for which are ideal for travellers, with no transaction fees and competitive foreign exchange rates.

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