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Can’t afford Christmas?

Most people say they will spend less on Christmas this year as the current economic situation means the cost-of-living crisis makes Christmas 2022 just as unpredictable as a COVID Christmas.

But don’t go cold turkey just yet! We’ve shared 5 of our top tips to help reduce the financial stress of the holiday season:

Work out what you can afford.

You may lust over those must have seasonal items, but instead, be realistic and consider the costs or you may end up broke come January.

Only buy what your budget allows. Christmas after all is only one day!

Use price comparison sites.

Shopping online usually beats the high street on price, and luckily comparison sites such as Google Shopping can save you time and money by searching the web to find the cheapest deals available.

If you’re sourcing a particular item, make sure you check it out before splashing out.

Start a family secret Santa

Buying for all your family is expensive and time-consuming so why not set a suitable budget for everyone to buy just one present for one other person.

That way, you’ll all feel happy to both give and receive.

You could use the classic names-in-a-hat method to select who buys who.

Be wary when buying gift cards.

In these uncertain times, steer clear of purchasing gift cards as presents.

Retailers have been known to go belly up and refuse to accept gift cards as a method of payment when this happens.

Giving cash is a much better alternative.

Be smart with your festive food shop

You don’t need to spend a fortune on your festive spread.

While shopping, don’t just grab the first thing you see or opt for your usual brand.

Compare different options, and favour supermarket own brands. These are often far cheaper, and the quality isn’t that different.

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